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Humanity in the Making

Overview of the intellectual history of UNESCO 1945-2005

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Année d'édition : 2010
Réf. : 9789231040047
224 pages, 23,5 x 28,5 cm
ISBN : 978-92-3-104004-7



Humanity in the Making is essential reading for anyone with an interest in a quite unique Organization within the United Nations system, which evolved over a period of sixty years to become an intellectual forum of thinking and action concerning the major problems of our time.
Based on a selection of texts drawn from UNESCO's rich archives and accompanied by brief explanations of the issues at stake, this thought-provoking book offers an authoritative understanding of the ongoing task of an Organization responsible for 'constructing the defences of peace in the minds of men'.
It also provides an opportunity to rediscover many outstanding personalities who took the floor at UNESCO : Albert Einstein, John Paul II, Sigmund Freud, Walt Disney, Duke Ellington, Charles de Gaulle, Nelson Mandela, Yehudi Menuhin, Pablo Neruda, Gabriel García Marquez, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Derrida, Shimon Peres, Yasser Arafat to name just a few.

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