The different aspects of islamic culture

Foundations of islam - volume I

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Année d'édition : 2017
Réf. : 9789231042584
1024 pages,
ISBN : 978-92-3-104258-4



This series of volumes on the manifold facets of Islamic culture is intended to acquaint a very wide public with such matters as : the theological bases of the
faith and principles that constitute the bedrock of the overall structure ; the status of the individual and of society in the Islamic world ; the expansion of Islam since
the Revelation : the Arab, Asian, African and European spheres espousing the new faith and the way in which the rights of converted peoples have been upheld ;
the vital contribution of Islamic civilization to the adventure of human knowledge in science and technology; the educational and cultural manifestations of Islamic
civilization in literature, the visual arts and architecture; finally, Islam today between loyalty to its past and the inescapable conquest of modernity.

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